Jameson CineFest’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2018: István Hildebrand

2018. September 09. Sunday 12:05
István Hildebrand, one of the greatest Hungarian cinematographers was born in 1928. He was the director of photography of the visually stunning productions of the 1960s 70s and 80s. Together with directors Márton Keleti and Zoltán Várkonyi he worked on films such as Men and Banners, A Hungarian Nabob, Zoltán Kárpáthy or Endre Marton’s Soldier Music, Tamás Fejér’s Cannes contender  A Cozy Cottage and an evergreen comedy Sparrows are Birds Too, the newly re-mastered copy of which is screened at the CineClassics in Miskolc.  He also worked on popular European television series like Michel Strogoff. One of his last works is a masterpiece of the era: Narcissus and Psyche, directed by Gábor Bódy in which Hildebrand used fantastic, revolutionary colorings and visual effects. The greatest Hungarian film festival wishes to pay tribute to one of the greatest masters of Hungarian cinema by the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award is given at closing gala of the Jameson CineFest on the 22nd of September. On the 21st of September Hildebrand’s outstanding career is celebrated by screening of Sparrows are Birds Too re-mastered and restored by the Hungarian National Film Archive and Film Lab and the extensive portrait documentary Scenes from the Life of a Cinematographer directed by Tibor Kocsis and Emőke Konecsny.

In Hungarian.