2018. July 08. Sunday 20:33
The story is an important key to the success of movies. Good books, interesting stories – which in many cases have already proven to readers – can easily find their directors and will surely be adapted to screen. The CineFest’s (Screen)play program follows up the creative process when a book turns into a script and then a movie, when the writing is coming alive on the screen. Does the author write otherwise if he writes books or scripts? The book or the movie is better? Can a film motivate viewers to read the original book? We seek answers to these questions on three evenings between15-17 September. We’ll screen a single move each evening, and the three screenings will be linked together by a conversation between Csaba Tóth, Editor-in-Chief of VOX Magazine and Tibor Babiczki, poet, Editor of the Libri Publishing House.
Libri-Bookline is also involved in the event with its Egy könyv, egy kávé (One Book: One Coffee) Program: The so-called Bookline Bus, launched on the basis of Food Trucks, is also attend the festival to promote reading. The ever-changing range of books offered by this special bus will surely be based on the movie-theme this time.