2018. July 28. Saturday 12:38
The talented Hungarian special effects artist directed fantastic comedies depicting the era, János Kádár’s Hungary (1956-1988), with eerie clarity, fluency, playfulness, style and accuracy. He has proven his extraordinary skills first as the great director, Gábor Bódy’s editor. Tímár’s first feature film ‘Sound Eroticism’ (1986) and later on the ‘Dollybirds’ (1997) offer a painfully entertaining picture of the Kádár-era, while the ‘Moziklip’ of 1987 is more like a taste of life in Hungary with local songs by Kentaur, Sziámi, the Napoleon Boulevard and László Komár. It is a game of language, lights, pictures, of film as a medium. Yoghurt, naked women, backslides, playing in the woods, romance in the lake and the love of life. Hundreds of thousands know and love Tímár’s pictures, special effects and bittersweet stories.