ALAZIA / 2018 / Romania / 13 :59 min

Being diagnosed with cancer, Ema’s life is fading away. As a ast resort, her friends take her to a shaman, who uses some eccentric musical methods and invocations. During the uncanny experience with shaman Gyuri, she realizes it’s already too late and the only thing left for her is to enjoy life.

Rendező: Cristian PASCARIU
The Romanian director was born in 1987.

2014 Madleen, sweet girl
2013 Tape no. 4, Alexandra
2013 One year after
2011 Beyond mymountain
2010 Deaf rock n’roll

Horatiu Curutiu, Cristian Pascariu
Screenwriter: Cristian Pascariu
Cinematographer: Horatiu Curutiu
Film editor: Letitia Stefanescu
Cast: Diana Buluga, Andrei Stehan, Radu Lărgeanu, Matei Rotaru, Ionuț Caras