The main prize of the festival, the Emeric Pressburger Award, went to the Chinese film Return to Dust directed by Ruijun Li. The Adolf Zukor Prize, the festival’s grand prize, went to Hungarian director Noémi Veronika Szakonyi’s Six Weeks and the Audience Award to Riviera East.

17 September 2022 09:40

Not only will the last day be a chance to catch up on several very exciting films, but we also get to see the latest film from Cristina Grosan, director of  Things Worth Weeping For. Ordinary Failures is also the closing film of the Festival.

16 September 2022 12:27

This year, the CineFest local patriotic city and film history program – named after the city’s first cinema – commemorates the 120th anniversary of the birth of Oscar-winning filmmaker Emeric Pressburger.

16 September 2022 09:10

On the day before the last, Noémi Veronika Szakonyi’s powerful feature debut, Six Weeks, which was in competition in Sarajevo a few weeks ago, will make its Hungarian debut, while Romanian drama Immaculate, a journey to a drug rehab, and 99 Moon, a sex-fueled drama, are sure to divide audiences.

15 September 2022 09:27

On one of the most exciting days of the festival: we will see a documentary on the life of legendary athlete Ágnes Keleti (Conquering Time – Ágnes Keleti), the latest film by Park Chan-wook (Decision to Leave), who was named Best Director at Cannes, and The Holy Spider the lead actress of which also won in Cannes.

14 September 2022 14:33

Brian De Palma, Francis Ford Coppola, Sally Potter, Terry Gilliam, Martin Scorsese count him and his co-creator Michael Powell as their idols (Scorsese considers their film The Red Shoes one of the best films of all time), and his grandsons, Oscar-winning Kevin Macdonald (director of The Last of the Scottish King, among others) and his brother Andrew (producer of Trainspotting, among others), are major figures in contemporary British cinema.

14 September 2022 09:42

In Corsage we’ll get to know the life of Sisi in a different way than we’ve seen before in films starring Romy Schneider and we can discover the wildlife of the forest in a family-friendly nature film (The Oak – Heart of the Forest). Here are the films of Wednesday:

13 September 2022 17:54

“The greatest film composer ever” – that’s how the world-famous composer of the Star Wars films, John Williams, praised Miklós Rózsa, who has died at the age of eighty-eight. Miklós Rózsa was the composer of nearly 100 feature films, including Ben-Hur, The Thief of Baghdad and The Jungle Book. He has been nominated for the Academy Award 17 times in his career, winning three gold statues. Two books about his life have recently been published and are now available to the CineFest audience.

13 September 2022 10:03

Another Hungarian film premiere, a hilarious comedy with Hungarian stars (Riviera East) and the Cannes Best Screenplay winner Boy from Heaven, screened in the presence of the director, are the highlights of Tuesday.