18 September 2021 08:48

The last day of the festival reveals not only the winners but Academy Awrad nominee Ildikó Enyedi’s newest film as well.

17 September 2021 08:46

It is day before the last and we have a Hungarian premiere again! Also, the controversial Palme d’Or winner that has a good chance to win Oscar comes to the CineFest, accompanied by the filmmakers.

16 September 2021 15:46

The legendary Polish film director Krzysztof Kieślowski (1941-1996) died 25 years ago.

16 September 2021 07:47

On day 7. (Thursday) we have an Academy Award nominee in the competition program, but there are other movies to pay attention to as well.

15 September 2021 07:05

Day 6 of the CineFest brings films from the Berlin International Film Festival. One of them, the Romanian movie, is the winner of the Golden Bear of 2021. Today we will learn how the Hungarian audience takes this controversial, overly sarcastic film.

14 September 2021 09:12

Day 5 of the Festival offers two hits from Cannes: one starring Matt Damon, who tries to save his daughter, an another starring Alicia Vikander, who tries to save her marriage.

13 September 2021 18:14

One of the biggest sensations of this year’s CineFest feature competition program is Red Rocket, which had its world premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival.

13 September 2021 08:05

Dan Stevens plays a robot in the first film of the competition program on Monday. In the second we learn about the newest theories of Spanish ufologists. It sure is an exciting day!

12 September 2021 13:44

As a tribute to 120 years of history of cinema the CineFest not only screens Hungarian classics, but also organizes exhibitions that commemorate the past.