On The Adamant

Sur L'Adamant / 2023 / France, Japan / 98 min

A boat anchored in the very heart of Paris acts as a unique daycare center for people with mental disorders. The staff of this “Noah’s Ark” do not view mental problems as a stigma and offer their clients countless activities aimed at improving their dignity and creativity. After Every Little Thing (1996), the award-winning French documentary filmmaker again explores the lives of persons with an intellectual disability in order to show us a world in which everybody is seen first and foremost as a human being, without the need to categorize by class, race, or intellect. With his eloquent relativization of what is considered “normal,” Philibert earned the Golden Bear for Best Film at this year’s Berlinale.

Sunday, 3 September 2023 16:00 Uránia screen (premiere) 1000 HUF