Resting Fog

Nyugvó köd / 2022 / Hungary / 5 min

“CineNewWave special prize 2022“

The experimental animated film, Resting Fog, shows the process of reliving and dissolving a memory through a series of associative images. The film is set in a fictional dream-like sanatorium surrounded by the sea. It is sunset. Faceless shadowy figures wander the walls of this remote, forgotten place, waiting for darkness to dissolve them into their surroundings and disappear into oblivion. This narrative mood film uses 2D animation and digital effects to explore the elusive and dreamlike nature of memory and forgetting. The film aims to lead the viewer, through the effect of the images, to a state of mind and emotion where he or she can experience the complexity of the nature of memory, the pleasant yet somehow suffocating atmosphere of pondering our memories.

CineNewWave 2022 (2.blokk)

Tuesday, 13 September 2022 19:00 Béke screen (premiere)

Thursday, 15 September 2022 16:00 Béke screen (repetition)

FÁBIÁN Nikoletta

1992 Budapest, Hungary


2015 Termékeny pillanat
2016 Csiribá
2018 4018 polygons

FÜLÖP József

FÁBIÁN Nikoletta

Film editor:

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CineNewWave 2022 (2.blokk) (CineNewWave)