The Bar Mitzvah boys

A Bármicvó fiúk / 2017 / Hungary / 74 min

A coming of age story for two “boys”. They are both preparing for the greatest day of their lives: their Bar Mitzvah. For 13-year old Salom this is a natural event but for the 83- year old Gyuri, it’s a dream 70 years in the making. Through their preparation the boy becomes the teacher and tries to restore the old man's faith and trust.

Rendező: Oláh Kata, Csukás Sándor
Budapest, 1966 – Budapest, 1963

Közös rendezések
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2018 Mignon
2017 Ajándék / Gift
2014 Hangjegyesek / Engaded to notes
2010 Romazsaruk / Romacops

Oláh Kata
Screenwriter: Oláh Kata
Cinematographer: Sándor Csukás
Film editor: Oláh Kata
Cast: Arányi György, Köves Slomó, Köves Salom