EL REINO / 2018 / Spain, France / 132 min

Manuel is an influential, charismatic politician with a good chance of rising from regional vice president to presidential position in the party. His perfect life, characterized by high-end restaurants and luxury yachts, is threatened when a leaked tape exposes his high-end dirty dealings to the public. His fellow party members select him as the scapegoat for the whole mess, but Manuel isn’t the type to “take one for the team”, not to this degree. The party’s golden boy needs to save himself before the press reveals everything.

Thursday, 19 September 2019 15:45 Pressburger screen (premiere)

Rendező: Rodrigo SOROGOYEN
The Spanish director was born in 1981 in Madrid.

2017 Madre
2016 May God Save Us
2013 Stockholm

Mariela BESUIEVSKY, Mercedes GAMERO, Gerardo HERRERO
Screenwriter: Isabel PEÑA, Rodrigo SOROGOYEN
Cinematographer: Alejandro DE PABLO
Film editor: Alberto DEL CAMPO
Cast: Antonio DE LA TORRE, Mónica LÓPEZ, Josep Maria POU
Distributor: Magyarhangya