Unnatural selection

Inégalité des chances / 2017 / France / 15 min

Julie, gets harassed in the street by Karim. Arrived at her work, Julie discovers that the candidate with whom she must hold a job interview is none other than Karim. Determined to teach him a lesson, she will show him what unnatural selection is...

Short Features and Experimental Films 2017 (4. block)
Monday, 11 September 2017 19:30 Uránia screen (premiere)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 22:00 Zukor screen (repetition)
Rendező: Geneviève Delouche
The French director was born in 1983.
Alban Ravassard
Screenwriter: Geneviève Delouche, Alban Ravassard
Cinematographer: Raul Fernandez
Film editor: Geneviève Delouche Alban Ravassard
Cast: Pamela Ravassard Salim Fontaine Aymeric Cormerais Garlan Le Martelot
Distributor: Film’Arts Production