2023 / Hungary

"Study diligently... And remember: there is nothing in the world more beautiful and glorious than an honest name and a good repute. These never die, but live forever." These are Ilona Zrínyi's words of admonition to her child, Ferenc Rákóczi II. The Ilona Zrínyi High School in Miskolc educates its students in this spirit. The school's aim is for the students to spend their everyday lives in a happy and loving environment, where the excitement and novelty of "I learned something new today" is constantly present and the students feel at home. Today, the school's image is defined by the arts and language sections. The predecessor of Ilona Zrínyi High School in Miskolc was founded in 1846 by Teréz Karacs. In 1897 it became a four-grade school for girls, and in 1906 a six-grade upper secondary
school for girls, the highest level of education for girls at
the time. The school was first named after Pál Tóth, then
after nationalisation in 1948 it was renamed Ilonka Vámos,
and in 1957 it took the name of Ilona Zrínyi. In the film, the
school's alumni reminisce about the past and, of course,
we get to see what today's drama, media, art, and language
students are up to.

Sunday, 3 September 2023 18:00
Uránia screen
The screening is followed by Q&A.


Kapcsolódó program:
OUR HOME, MISKOLC PROGRAM (2023) (Professional program)