Common Celebration: 60 Years of Miskolc and Tampere as Sister Cities

2023. September 07. Thursday 16:20

Tampere is the oldest sister city of Miskolc. Miskolc has been a sister-city of Tampere since 1963, and CineFest is celebrating the occasion with a Finnish program.

We runed – Shortsongs from North is a cinematic, multidisciplinary art series from a new era inspired by the Finnish national epic Kalevala. The 30 episodes of We runed – Shortsongs from North are revolutionary, crazy, large-scale ideas, a kind of “high-suspense folklore”, created by director Tommi Kainulainen and composer Anne-Mari Kivimäki.

Using silent film, music video, folk music and dance, machine beats and street dance, it tells an epic story of a nation that has forgotten its origins. This collection of artworks unlocks the subconscious and offers a symbolic reading of modern times, all in a carnival atmosphere.

The screening and concert, a special experience, is free of charge in the festival’s Zukor Room on 7 September at 7.30pm.