Huge Hungarian success at the Academy Awards, 5 films showed at CineFest win Oscar!

2024.03.13. 10:51

Zsuzsa Mihalek, set decorator for Poor Things, won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. The award was shared by James Price, Shona Heath and Zsuzsa Mihalek, who worked together. The Poor Things, screened at CineFest, won 4 awards, with the film’s main character Emma Stone winning her second Oscar. Directed by Jorgos Lánthimos, the film shot in Hungary and competed at CineFest in Miskolc after Venice, received 11 Oscar nominations. The Anatomy of a Fall, also showed at CineFest, won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The screenplay was written by Justin Triet and Arthur Harari. Congratulations! We are working to bring you the best films to CineFest!