Midnight – with a great comeback

2019. September 17. Tuesday 19:00
The Midnight program is a traditional one at the CineFest. In the last years bloody action movies, horrors and thrillers gave us chills after 11 PM – that is, the Festival offered age restricted movies. This year only one film is screened in this category, and a much-awaited one.

On the 19th of September, in the Pressburger room the legendary John Rambo, impersonated by the forever-fit Sylvester Stallone, returns for the fifth time to the screen. It is the last episode of the series that started in 1982. This time the Vietnam veteran who knows no fear is fighting against Mexican drug cartels.

In Rambo – Last Blood John Rambo is trying to live a peaceful life in his farm in Arizona, although some inner-demons from his past still haunt him. One day María, the granddaughter of his housekeeper is kidnapped. Rambo decides to fight against the cruel Mexican sex- and drug cartel that keeps several girls in captivity. His helper in this brutal war is Carmen, who is searching for her younger sister.