Two Hungarian filmmakers debut in the feature competition program of the 17th CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival.

2021.08.10. 15:21

Hajni Kis is a returning guest. She has won the CineNewWave competition program in 2018 with her short feature “Last Call”. This year the Festival screens her first long feature “Wild Roots” which will be distributed nationwide from September 30 following the Hungarian premiere at CineFest.

Based in part on personal experiences, the film tells the story of a heartbreaking father-daughter relationship. Twelve-year-old Niki (Zorka Horváth) lives with her grandparents, who are unable to control the wild child having a hard time fitting in at school. When Niki learns that her father, Tibor, has been released from prison, she, despite everyone saying otherwise, visits the man. Tibor (Gusztáv Dietz) works as a bouncer in the night in Budapest. With his introverted, violent personality, he is in constant struggle with his surroundings. He avoids meeting with his daughter due to his dark past and a family secret, but Niki is harder to shake off than he thought. The two outsiders are slowly getting closer to each other, but everything works against the family reunion.

Máté Bence Fazekas’ etude “My Father’s Heart” has also been in the CineNewWave competition program in 2018. His dramedy “Eviction” is coming to the 17th CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival. Safter the world premiere it is expected to be distributed in movie theatres in 2022.

Inspired by true events the film is a story of an unusual eviction process. Richárd (Ákos Orosz) is a young, determined bailiff whose first job is to remove an elderly woman from her home on Zrínyi street. Auntie Ilona, on the other hand, has no wish to leave her beloved house and fights heroically against the order. She uses every means to prevent eviction. Even a few activists show up on the scene trying to save Ilona’s life condensed into a small house. But Richárd is determined and will do his best to accomplish the mission. He is “helped” by the police, the firefighters, a skinner who claims to understand the needs of Ilona’s pack of dogs, some zoo keepers and hostage negotiators. Eviction features actors such as Mari Nagy, Blanka Mászáros, Annamária Láng, István Znamenák and Bori Péterfy.