Dargay 90

From the stage to the drawing table

09-08-2017 15:00 Museum of Performing Arts

His theatrical background, his studies and his years spent in the National Theatre as an intern all predestined Attila Dargay (1927–2009) to become a man whose life is tied to the theatre, to grow into being a very infl uential fi gure of the Hungarian history of theatre and to have a rich and diverse heritage. Still, Dargay realized that his constant need to move, to create cannot be satisfi ed in a theatrical environment, so he turned to fi lm and animation. As his widow and partner in work, Irén Henrik pointed out in an interview: “His ‘actor’s blood’ has given birth to his drawings, his characters. Through the motions of the character he wanted to show us the personality, the characteristics of the given fi gure.” That is why the joint exhibition of the Museum of Performing Arts and the CineClassics focuses on his quest to fi nd his own voice. The exhibition that supplements the permanent collection of the museum on Dargay, and the screenings offer a more detailed portrait of the promising stage designer who turned to be a tireless director and animator.