10. DOCompass Documentary Workshop

2019. September 16. Monday 14:48
The 16th CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival hosts the DoCompass program for the 10th time. Every year, the program offers some new Hungarian documentaries.

This year the Festival screens Eszter Petrovics’s film ‘Our Kodály’ on the 18th of September at 6 PM in the Béke room. The film focuses on Zoltán Kodály’s childhood and early years and has the composer night of 1910 in its focus. The composer night included String Quartet No. 1, Nine Piano Pieces and Sonata for Cello & Piano. The fictional documentary does not try to reconstruct the event but reorganizes it in 2019. Some young musicians rehearse for this concert: Fülóp Ránki pianist, Gergely Devich cellist and the Kruppa Quartett. During the rehearsals the youngsters decided to learn more about Kodály’s past. They visit the places of his youth: Galánta and Nagyszombat. At both places they meet music historians and musicians.

The screening is followed by Q&A.

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