K-Movie Section

2023.08.31. 15:41

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Academy of Cinematography, the Korean Cultural Centre in Budapest presents the works of three of the most influential directors in Korean film history.

In the K-Movie Section, three short films (2001 Imagine, Alone Together, Fantasy in Winter) and three feature films (Sound of Nomad: Korjo Arirang, Save the Green Planet, Christmas in August) by directors Jang Joon-hwan, Kim Soyoung and Hur Jinho will be screened.

In the 2003 science fiction film Save the Green Planet, aliens plan to invade Earth and are already here, disguised as politicians and businessmen. At least, according to a young man who, as the world’s self-appointed savior, goes into action: he kidnaps the leaders to get them to confess. The story of the documentary Sound of Nomad: Korjo Arirang dates back to 1937, when Stalin deported nearly 200,000 Koreans from the Russian Far East to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Among them was the troupe of the Koryo Theatre from Vladivostok, who were determined to save and preserve their culture in their new homeland. Made in 1998, Christmas in August is the heartbreaking story of a photographer in his thirties who meets a charming young woman. When he learns that he has a terminal illness, he chooses to close his business and leave her life without a trace to spare her the pain of grief.

Director Kim Soyoung of Sound of Nomad: Korjo Arirang will attend the screening in person and answer questions from the audience after the film.

Tickets for the films can be purchased at jegy.cinefest.hu.