Our Home, Miskolc

2023.09.03. 16:05

The aim of the “Our Home, Miskolc” program is to bring the work of local or Miskolc-connected artists into focus. Every year the Organizers of the program look for new or already established talents to uncover stories from Miskolc and Borsod county. This year the program offers real gems.

This year, László Kerényi’s film You’re Always Welcome at Zrínyi will be screened on 3 September at 6 pm in the Uránia Room.

The aim of the Ilona Zrínyi High School in Miskolc is to provide a fun and loving environment for the students who come there, where the excitement and novelty of “I learned something new today” is constantly present and the students feel at home. Today, the school’s image is defined by its arts education and language programs.

The predecessor of Ilona Zrínyi High School in Miskolc was founded in 1846 by Teréz Karacs. In 1897 it became a four-grade school for girls, and in 1906 a six-grade upper school for girls, the highest level of education for girls at the time. The school was first named after Pál Tóth, then after the state took the school over in 1948, it was renamed Ilonka Vámos, and in 1957 it switched to Ilona Zrínyi.

In the film, the school’s alumni share their memories of the past and, of course, we get to see what today’s drama, media, art and language students are up to.

The screening is free of charge.