100 years of Disney animation

2023.09.01. 15:57

An exciting weekend program for young and old alike will include a selection of the most successful short films from the 100-year-old film studio, as well as a screening of the 10th anniversary film Frozen.

Walt Disney once famously said that he hoped “that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse”. Even before the introduction of Mickey Mouse, it was, in fact, all started by a short film. Join two-time Academy Award winner and Walt Disney Animation Studios president Clark Spencer as he shares his favorite shorts from the beloved studios’ 100 years of filmmaking. Enjoy rare treats from the earliest days of animation, through the introduction of sound and Mickey Mouse, through the decades to some of today’s most popular short films. Experience how Walt Disney and his artists experimented with new animation technology and techniques – a tradition within the short form which continues to this day at the studios that bear his name.

On 3 September at 2pm in the Pressburger Room, one of Disney Studios’ most successful films, Frozen, which is 10 years old this year, will be screened.

Short films screened in the Uránia Room on 8 September at 5pm:
Cinderella (Laugh-o-gram; 1922)
Alice’s Wonderland (1923)
Trolley Troubles (1927)
Steamboat Willie (1928)
Clock Cleaners (1937)
The Old Mill (1937)
Trailer Horn (1950)
Lambert the Sheepish Lion (1952)
Paperman (2012)
Going Home (2021)

The screenings are free of charge.