Midnight Screenings

2018. September 01. Saturday 11:00
The Midnight Screenings is back again with films for the horror and thriller lovers. ‘Mandy’ by Panos Cosmatos features Nicholas Cage running amuck with a bloody result. The English director, Peter Strickland brings us ‘The Cobblers’ Lot’ (Hungarian producer: Eszter Turán and Dóra Nedeczky) the world premiere of which was at the SXSW (South by Southwest) in Texas in March.

‘The Cobblers’ Lot’ is part of an anthology ‘The Field Guide To Evil’ that brings us stories from the folklore of different countries. Hungary is represented by the English director, Peter Strickland, who has worked in the country several times before. Csenge Zalka folklorist and story-teller helped him to choose a dark piece of Hungarian folktales. In the story two brothers fight for the affection of a princess. The older one tells her that his brother has fallen in love with someone else. The news breaks the princess’ heart and leaves her dead. But in the middle of the night she returns to take vengeance…

The short is inspired by authentic folklore. The dark story is supported by theatre-like settings and the distinct style of Parajanovian cinematography. The etude is defined by the realistic, over-emotional horror-aesthetic characteristic of Hungarian folktales.