Movie recommendations – Day 1

2021. September 10. Friday 08:59
On the first day of the Festival we are facing a difficult choice: there are three extremely exciting and good films to watch. The latest work of the genius Anders Thomas Jensen, the multiple ward-winning drama of the Sundance Festival and an intimate portrait of a legendary band await the audience.

The opening film of the Festival is the latest work of Anders Thomas Jensen (Flickering Lights, The Green Butchers, Adam’s Apples, Men&Chicken), Riders of Justice. The black comedy of the Danish screenwriter and director brings together the most popular actors of Denmark: Mads Mikkelsen (Another Round, The Hunt, Adam’s Apple), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Journal 64, The Green Burchers, Adam’s Apple), and Nicholas Bro (Men & Chicken, Adam’s Apples). The introverted protagonist of the film, Markus (Mikkelsen) raises his daughter alone after his wife dies in a train accident. As a soldier, he spent many years away from home. The man is approached by a strange guy, Otto (Kaas), who was also traveling on the train, and claims that the accident was no accident at all. The international premiere of Riders of Justice was at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, where the movie, similar to the CineFest, was the opening film of the event. It was nominated for the Danish Critics Award in four categories and for the Danish Film Academy annual awards (Robert Award) in 15 categories.  In the end it won four of them (Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music and Best Visual Effects). Tickets are sold for 400 HUF in the ticket office of the House of Arts or online.

A-ha is sure to be remembered by anyone who is somehow interested in the ‘80s. Those who know them beyond Take On Me and The Sun Always Shines on T.V. also know well that despite minor breaks, the Norvegian synthpop band dating nearly forty years back is still touring the world and did not loose its popularity. The a-ha: The Movie attempts to go behind admiration and presents the real life and relationship of the band members while accompanying them on their latest tour. Among other things the CineDocs competition film reveals that the three musicians actually only meet each other on stage – they arrive at the venues in separate cars and have separate dressing rooms. What has gone wrong over the years? Tickets are sold for 400 HUF in the ticket office of the House of Arts or online.

The Kosovan film Hive by Blerta Basholli, for the first time ever in the history of the Sundance festival, had a clean sweep of the awards in 2021: it won the Best Film, the Best Director and the Audience Award as well, so it is no coincidence that the expectations are very high in regard of the first film of  this year’s competition program of the CineFest. Hive introduces us to the life of a mother from Krushë e Madhe, Kosovo. The village suffered the largest massacre of the Serbian occupation, many of the village’s men were abducted and executed. The survivors do not support the efforts of the widowed Fahrije, who, despite being a woman, wishes to work and earn money.  She gathers the women of the village and produces ajvar, which they sell to a supermarket in the city. Tickets are sold for 400 HUF in the ticket office of the House of Arts or online or you can watch the film online for 1200 HUF.

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