CineFest Awards 2019

Lifetime Awards 2019

Ambassador of European Cinema 2019

Emeric Pressburger Prize – The Festival’s Main Prize for the Best Film 2019

Director: Alejandro LANDES
Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Swden, Uruguay
102 min
MONOS by Alejandro Landes for its monumental, unforgettable cinematic poetry, and the hauntingly raw, physically electrifying and emotionally charged performances by its young cast, which elevated this grim, violent yet deeply human story to a poignant statement about the senselessness of war.

Adolph Zukor Prize – The Festival’s Grand Prize 2019

Director: Robert EGGERS
Canada, USA
110 min
For its strongly handled, systematically used audio-visual motifs, the tour-de-force performance of its pair of lead actors, and its conscious and inventive use of archetypes and world cinema history references.

Best short film

25 min
Very good acting Character development Comedy with drama Pacing was good – very well

Attila Dargay Prize – The young talent of Hungarian animation

This year the Dargay-prize goes to Olivér Hegyi, graduating student of the Moholy –Nagy University of Art and Design. Not only for his film presented here, but also for the films he has made so far, the committee decided that he is the winner of this year. Take Me Please has a unique style with figures implying tragic conflicts. This film has a psychological depth. Not the story itself, but the surging emotions grab the viewer. With its extremist views the story talks about really important aspects of a relationship between an ordinary man and woman. The film reflects real calling to the profession. Olivér Hegyi aims to find and show the most uplifting, most expressive side of the emotions, which is not easy nowadays, in the ear of artistic freedom, when there are no limits in topics and forms. A very promising talent. Good luck!

CineDocs Prize

Director: Anja KOFMEL
Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Finland
90 min
Creativity Personal story Stays true to narrative – follow through Good animation Reveals answers + questions

CineNewWave Prize

Director: FÜZES Dániel
34 min
Dramatic depth Good structure Pacing

International Confederation of Art Cinemas Jury’s Prize

Director: Alejandro LANDES
Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Swden, Uruguay
102 min
We would like to award a unique, sincere and outstanding film. Monos is a journey toward the darkness, with amazing visuals, fantastic cinematography and marvelous music. A deeply-touching presentation of the reality that is happing around us even today. War is not choosy. Dictatorships give arms to children as well and evil minds create the biggest monsters out of such children. Although the film is confusingly cruel and rigid we cannot forget that this cruelty is some kind of a reflection of our society and the children on the screen could easily be our own kids. Would the war machine, revenge, fear of death reach us, it could be us.

FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury Prize 2019

Director: Robert EGGERS
Canada, USA
110 min
Our award goes to a movie driven by – as Poe himself would write – "a dark unfathom'd tide of interminable pride", a nightmarish and delirious surrender to madness which goes beyond the labels and tropes of mere genre to embrace visual storytelling in its most daring and unrestrained expression. This film is a reckless and infectious ride that encompasses mythology, psychoanalysis and folklore, an astonishing compendium of film-making that harks back to Dreyer's and Sjöström's chefs-d’œuvre and updates it to the state of our modern malaise, drawing a sharp line from American cinema’s shimmering past, through its troubled present and towards, as this brilliant achievement allows to suggest and to hope, its burgeoning future. And although FIPRESCI usually abstains from awarding the same film twice on different festivals, a perfection of the film construction as well as of any detail’s workmanship convinced us to step it over in this particular outstanding case. Ladies and gentlemen, the FIPRESCI jury has a pride and honour to proclaim that The International Critics Prize goes to Robert Eggers’ “The lighthouse”.

International Ecumenical Jury Pirze

Iran, UK, Netherlands
102 min
The International Ecumenical Jury of the 16th International Film Festival CineFest Miskolc awarded TEHRAN: CITY OF LOVE. The film presents the story of three individual – a bodybuilder, a secretary and a funeral singer – who longs for love, connection and intimacy set in the city of Teheran. Director Ali Jaberansari perfectly captures the realness of everyday life, the humor in small moments and genuine emotions of disappointment and hope. The jury also awards the poetical film language, the mosaic structure, the minimalistic, suggestive acting, and also the universal, interreligious message. Die internationale ökumenische Jury des 16. Internationalen Filmfestivals CineFest Miskolc zeichnet TEHERAN: CITY OF LOVE mit ihrem Preis aus. Der Film erzählt von drei unterschiedlichen Menschen in Teheran – einem Bodybildner, einer Sekretärin und einem Kantor für Beerdigungen – die sich alle nach Liebe, Nähe und Beziehung sehnen.

Audience Award 2019

Director: Nora FINGSCHEIDT
118 min